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The official language for the lobby is English. If members wish to communicate in their native language, they must communicate in private chat, their game or make their own room.

Vulgar, sexual explicit, threatening, racially or offensive language, posting of website links, berating other members, discussing politics or religion that would cause conflict or embarrassment to any member, spamming, impersonating a staff member or acting on the behalf of management will not be tolerated. To violate these rules will result in an instant mute, nuke, or ban. The Administrator and/or Management on duty at the time the offence occurs will determine the severity of the offense.


The use of computer related chess programs, chess software and /or assistance in any form will result in a permanent ban from the server without refund. Should a member's game come to the attention of Management suggesting the member is using chess related software, we will analyze the game. If found cheating, the user will be banned permanently from our server without notice to the user. (If an Administrator gives permission, and clearly noted with the symbol (C) beside the user's name, Infinia will permit computer use.)


Clock burning, (letting your time run out instead of resigning) berating your opponent, repeatedly offering draws, aborts, take-backs, adjourns, kibitzing or excessively talking during a game will be considered poor sportsmanship and will not be allowed.


Intentionally lowering your rating or boosting by manipulating and/or using different accounts is strictly forbidden.


Your user name is unique. In choosing your unique username, it must not contain unacceptable language i.e. vulgar or offensive in any manner. In addition, you will be responsible for all games, postings or actions that occur while using this name on our server


The Administrators of Infinia Chess will be recognizable by the Infinia Administrator Icons beside their names. They are here to help other members and to assure the Rules of Conduct are enforced.


Titled Players are guests of Infinia, and many serve as our instructors. They have earned our respect. At no time should any member be disrespectful of them or their titles.


Infinia Chess monitors their site for predators and lewd behavior as well as any unlawful communication. The management of Infinia Chess, LLC will report any unlawful acts to the proper Division of Law Enforcement.


Should any member feel they have been treated unfairly, they have the right to contact Management. Please include all the details in an email and send to

Management reserves the right to amend, add or delete all or a portion thereof. To assume the above written compulsory rules will cover all instances is to assume incorrectly. The above rules are basic guidelines only. The Management of Infinia will use its own discretion in making final decisions on all rules and regulations of Infinia.

On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long!
-Emanuel Lasker