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For Public and Private Schools: Infinia Chess, LLC is offering an Online Chess School for students who desire to learn to play chess.

Recent studies conclude that students who play chess perform better on standardized tests.  Chess teaches concentration, self-discipline and the ability to evaluate by logic rather than impulse while stimulating their minds and cultivating visualization skills. As a result, children become more proficient as independent decision makers with an ability to focus: students become better problem solvers while enjoying themselves.

For all student ages, chess helps to bridge social, economic and cultural boundaries. It raises self-esteem, determination and perseverance while promotes good sportsmanship.

Read what Education World has to say in an article " Chess Anyone? - Chess As an Essential Teaching Tool."

Wellington College - Why PlayChess?

For additional reading, please download "A Collection of Studies and Paper on Chess and Education. Pdf-icon"

Infinia Chess, LLC is offering an opportunity for an ONLINE CHESS SCHOOL for schools that want to offer chess to their students, but do not have an in-school chess coach.

The mission of Infinia Chess School is to promote the game of chess to students. Infinia is offering this international online chess school for schools that want their students to learn the game and benefit from its many returns . Our "Learn to Play Chess" program, focused on the elementary and high school student or the after school program, is offered at an affordable cost to the school and/or the parent.

To assure that our program will be safe for all students, each school will have their individual secure interface (a private place to play) made especially for the school - including their school logo. As we progress, our goal is to offer tournaments between our collaborating schools.

Carefully selected by Infinia Chess, our instructors are masters, and professional chess players. Each master has teaching experience with proven records of success. ( More on our Chess Instructors )

We can adapt our chess program to each individual school to fit their needs. For more information on how your school can participate in our online program, Learn to Play Chess, program contact us here.

For private chess lessons for individuals of all levels - (Infinia Chess Lessons)