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For our Infinia members who wish to take private chess lessons, we will provide a private place to play while taking chess lessons.

We have carefully selected masters who have years of professional chess coaching, are professional chess players and experienced in teaching chess to students of all levels.

Chess lesson rates are determined by our instructors, and all communications and payments are made directly to the Chess Coach of your choice.

If you are interested in taking chess lessons, the list of approved Chess Instructors is listed below with information on how to contact them. You also may speak with a site administrator and they will notify the Chess Coach of your choice.

For information on INFINIA CHESS SCHOOL, you may contact us here.

Approved Infinia Chess Instructors:

International Master, Goran Vojinovic

International Master, Goran Vojinovic

Goran resides in Serbia, a graduate of Forest Faculty at the University of Belgrade with an engineering degree,

An International Master with two Grandmaster norms, Goran is a professional chess player and a professional Chess Coach. He has fifteen years of teaching chess both over-the-board and online. He has taught students from all over the world to become successful chess players.

Some of his better students include:

GM Milos Perunovic - Fide Rating, 2600, GM Borki Predojevic - Fide Rating, 2600+, GM Boban Bogosavljevic Fide Rating, 2540 and WGM Jovana Vojinovic 2332. (Goran is the proud father of Jovana Vojinovic.

Goran has a personal website and can be viewed here. For information on his private chess lessons you may contact him by email.

Chess Lessons are Fun!

Fide Master, Ljubisha (Trule) Andonovski

Fide Master, Ljubisha (Trule) Andonovski

Infinia Chess is pleased to include in our approved list of Chess Instructors, Fide Master, Ljubisha Andonovski.

Born in Macedonia, Trule is a professional Chess Coach and Chess Commentator. He graduated Economy faculty 1987, and has been a National Fide Master since 1984.

From 1994 to 2007, he was a Chess Commentator on National Television, selector of Macedonian Women Olympic Team 1966, trainer to the National Junior Representatives in Europe and World Championships from 1994 to 2002. He is an experienced Chess Coach with students reaching International and Fide Master titles.

For information on private chess lessons you may contact Trule by email.

All Lessons are given on Infinia Chess!

International Master, Dragan (Gasa) Stamenkovic

International Master, Dragan (Gasa) Stamenkovic

A professional chess player, an International Master and Chess Coach, Gasa has many students from countries around the world.

A graduate of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering in Belgrade, he has been University Chess Champion of Serbia, taken third place in Santos, 2002, first and second in Victoria, 2006 with a performance of 2562 and third place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2007. He has also placed second in International Tournaments Festivals in America 2007.

Gasa has ten years of teaching chess to students of all levels, both in person and online.

For lessons by Gasa on Infinia Chess site - you may contact him here.

All three of these exceptional Chess Instructors give weekly events on Infinia Chess!