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For Chess Clubs. we offer a private place for your club members to play. Infina Chess provides private lobbies, along with an interface to include your club logo. (Ask an administration how this can be done.)

We offer recreational play between members, tournament competition between clubs, and advanced private chess instructions for individuals who want to increase their rating or have a better understanding of chess.

Infinia Chess School can give lessons for your entire chess club at a reduced rate.

Masters, who are Professional Chess Coaches - with years of experience teaching chess, give Infinia chess lessons. Selected for teaching experience and successful results, each of our instructors is well qualified.

As in all chess clubs, inevitably there comes a time that new ideas and new players can stimulate new life into your club. It may be as simple as organizing a tournament with a new club in your area, or in a different country. At Infinia Chess, we can do this.


Many times one of the biggest challenges for a chess club is the inability to offer advanced chess instructions. By joining Infinia Chess, as a member you will have the advantages of attending lectures and events. By joining as a club, Infinia Chess School can teach all the members or on an individual basis. We also offer chess comments by our chess commentators by watching your games. With Infinia Chess, we are always looking for new ideas or for ways to help our members.

We offer chess lessons at all levels - from beginners to Grandmasters - you will find our lessons are interesting, victorious and fun.

Infinia Chess School can give lessons for your entire chess club at a reduced rate. For additional information on how your Chess Club can benefit from our program - contact us now.